Friday, March 14, 2008

110th US Congress's Hottest Hotties

So all of these Congressional and Presidential primaries have got me thinking: Who are the hottest women in the United States' Congress. The following are the top ten:

10. Barbara Boxer: Senator California/ AKA- The Silver Fox

I know some dudes aren't into older women, but Boxer is undeniably sexy with a gorgeous mane of grey hair. She may be the junior Senator from New York, but she's the senior Senator of American hotness.

9. Gabrielle Giffords: Representative 8th District Arizona/ aka the Desert Rose

She's hot, and she's married to an astronaut. You're living the dream astronaut who's married to Gabrielle Giffords.

8. Yvette Clarke: Representative 11th District New York/ AKA Sassmonster

Well, she's cute as a button isn't she? There's something about the smile that says "There is no one on Capital Hill sassier than I."

7. Mary Landrieu: Senator Louisiana/ AKA Southern Sexpot

The Landrieus are political royalty down in Louisiana and this Bayou Beauty is the princess of the family.

6. Mary Bono Mack: Representative 45th District California: AKA the Black Widow

The first and only Republican to make the list, Sonny Bono's widow makes up for her party's lack of hotties with hotness that oozes out of every pore.

5. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin: Representative At-Large South Dakota/ aka Mt. Hotmore

Whoever said nothing good ever came out of South Dakota has CLEARLY never seen a picture of Stephanie Herset Sandlin, the Smokin' South Dakotan.

4. Hilda Solis: Representative 32nd District California/ aka West Coast Wildwoman

Why do so many hot congresswomen come from California? I don't know but someone should call Hilda Solis up and ask her.

3. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Representative 20th District Florida/ aka Secretly a Babe

You may be asking yourself how somebody like Debbie Wasserman Schultz ends up on a Congressional hottest hotties list. Well, here's the thing: Debbie is secretly hot. Sure she looks awkward, but you just know that right before Congressional prom, she's going to get a makeover, and show up all sexed up.

2. Betty McCollum: Representative 4th District Minnesota/ HMILF- Hockey mom I'd like to...

Betty McCollum is hot for a different reason than every other lady on this list. Why? She's the sweet girl you get married to once you find out she's both sane, and great in the sack. Sure, you date Mary Bono, or Barbara Boxer, but in the end, it's Betty McCollum you settle down with- and trust me, you'll be happy you did.

1. Loretta Sanchez: Representative 47th District California/ AKA the hottest Rep around

Holy babe explosion! The hair! The eyes! The Bod! Loretta Sanchez has it all! I think we've found a winner ladies and gentleman, and she is Loretta Sanchez- the hottest hottie in the 110th!


Michael Bryan said...

All this proves is that Playboy won't be doing a women of Congress issue any time in the near future. Wasserman and Boxer? Dude. Woof.

Giffords down at #9? Really?

Clarke at #8? Come on! That little cream puff should be #1 or #2.

RobberBlog said...

In alot of cases, I was trying to look at inner hotness as well as external hotness. I can see your point on Wasserman, but dude- Barbara Boxer is a stone cold fox.

Anonymous said...

maria cantwell

zetagamma said...

There are other hot congresswomen not on this list:

Michelle Bachmann
Kirsten Gillibrand
Cathy McMorris
Marsha Blackburn

Anonymous said...

I don't care how old this blog is. i'm writing on it. First Michelle bachman should be number 1. Anytime she wants to dress up like wonder woman and just kinda hang out at my house with a lasso is FINE WITH ME!!!!

Other than that, great list and good blog. It's definately time that chicks start getting out of this whole thing about guys and what we like or don't. I like a lot of older women. And no matter how you slice it Stephanie Herseth Sandlin just plain does it for me.

Both of the above are just lickably hot